Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen; here is another article by Alexa Person that I enjoyed. Included is the link as well. Enjoy! :-)

Train Wrecks aren't all bad! - by Alexa Person

How many times have you tested the waters (i.e.: “I’m just having a drink”) of a potential relationship only to suddenly find yourself neck-deep and being dragged down swiftly by the fiercely addictive undercurrent of Man/Woman-Crack (i.e.: that drink progressed to: “wtf, where are my clothes?”)?

Simply said, if you have been in a relationship train wreck and survived the aftermath (clearly you didn’t “off” yourself because you’re reading this), only to learn a little f***’n something, then you’re not helplessly standing at the train depot with the other sheep.

The brave, the strong and the willing, find the tenacity to drag their asses out of the murky, sticky pool (cuz yeah, who wants to kick a delicious habit) and sit reflectively on the shore (this can be really lonely and not much fun). Are you sitting on the beach bravely trying to figure your sh*t out or are you being a chicken sh*t and diving right back into the depths of your crack? All right, enough with the metaphors.

No, I lied; one more: A South Texas friend of mine recently reminded me of a great saying, “that’s the difference between chicken sh*t and chicken salad.” Love this! (Note: If you don’t have a straight-talkin’ Texas friend, get one. Someone you trust has to occasionally kick your ass into reality.)

Wake up and look around! Is the roof falling in on your relationships? Pay attention to the type of people you surround yourself with, their behavior and your own. Do you like what you see? Is there a pattern-hello?! Be brave and tell my about it. This is our blog. Your comments make my posts better.

My advice: when your relationships are crashing and burning around you, look for the light (not the afterlife kind; that’s a movie). Realize that your “picker” (not “pecker”, a big difference) is broken, and you need help choosing a healthier partner. The train wreck is all-good; it’s a landmark from which you measure your progress.

Don’t be a chicken sh*t, make badass chicken salad.