Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Health Care Reform - Positive Alternatives

Senator / Congress Person / Mayor
Attn: Mr. & Mrs. Political Leader
123 Main Street
The State of Texas, U.S.A

Dear Political Leaders,

I am interested in meeting with you to discuss the FIT for WORK portfolio. FIT for WORK is focused on bottom line profitability and the well being of employees through accident prevention, reduction and implementation of safe work practices. The FIT for WORK model, is the “cutting edge” of the Health Care system! As you know Health Care Reform is a topic everyone is discussing!

The FIT for WORK portfolio including Onsite Early Intervention, Evaluation and Testing Centers, as well as Environmental Health and Safety programs which reduce the drain on Worker’s Compensation Costs. These proven concepts are forward thinking and deliver a tremendous return on investment. We provide On Site services for some of San Antonio and the state’s finest businesses such as Frito Lay, Republic National Distributing Company, KCI, Checks in the Mail, Core * Mark, and HEB Grocery to name a few.

“FIT for WORK has provided on-site occupational health services to ***** *** for over 14 years. During that time they have more than exceeded our expectations for injury reduction and cost containment for ergonomic related injuries and illness. In fact, their organization was instrumental in helping us achieve the OSHA VPP Star designation in 2*** at which time our ergonomics program received a “Best Practice” recognition. FIT for WORK provides both personable and professional services of the highest standard.”
This Person, Safety Director - A Big Company

“I was the biggest skeptic, but from the beginning they proved to be efficient and effective. Overall, during the first three years we have saved almost $750,000.00 in direct cost, reduced our incident rate by over 75 percent, and reduced our workers compensation premium costs.”
This Person – Vice President of a bunch of stuff - Call me and I'll tell you the Company Name.

I am extremely excited to represent these positive, proactive solutions that save time, money, and most importantly are focused on employee health and safety. I look forward to an opportunity to meet with you soon to discuss the FIT for WORK portfolio. You can reach me at garymasters@wellworkforce.com, 210-495-8788 or on my cell phone at 210-422-1800.

Best regards,

Gary D. Masters
Director Business Development