Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Holiday thoughts by G. D. Masters

The Holidays are here! Halloween night, our lives seem to shift into fast forward! The following Sunday, Daylight Savings Time ends. Beginning Sunday, November the 7th there are just over two weeks till Thanksgiving Day! I wonder if I can summarize that in this space? Here goes: Get the house cleaned up (better than normal, of course), buy the turkey, ham, yams, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, tamales (you have to have tamales at Thanksgiving in South Texas), and any other food items I may have missed. Don't forget, the outside must be decorated by Thanksgiving night when the Out Laws arrive! I mean In-laws! While your up in the attic, might as well get ALL the Christmas decorations down. Oh, and tidy up the garage while you're at it. Husbands, do what you wife asks you! Wives, PLEASE go easy on your husbands, it's The Holidays, you know? Most importantly, your waistline is expanding, no not yours; YOURS. This Holiday season make the extra effort to take care of your body. We all know it's not easy, however put forth that extra effort this year!